In the network appeared the first volume tests CPU Intel Core i3-7350K

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see the results of testing Intel Core i5-and Core i7 7600K-7700K, which left a mixed impression.

Now in the Network appeared the test results of the CPU, which for many can be much more interesting than the older models. Talking about CPU Core i3-7350K. This processor is interesting and initially a very high frequency (4.2 GHz), and an unlocked multiplier that allows for easy overclocking. This CPU may be of interest to users who work in applications that are sensitive primarily to the frequency of the processor cores and not to their number.

Test results can be seen in the diagrams below, but they are not everything. In the video at the source you can see with the others.

Unfortunately, the set of test applications, and competitors are not perfect. In particular, there are no younger model Core i5 is still current generation. Given that CPU Core i5 generation Kaby Lake from its predecessors so far, it would be interesting to compare Core i3-7350K with Core i5-6400, as their cost will be about the same. The first operates at a much higher frequency, but has only two cores.

Also noteworthy is the acceleration. The source managed to raise the frequency only up to 4.8 GHz, the temperature in the tests was up to 70 degrees, despite its cooler AXP-100.



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