In the Network appeared photo of the device with which the developers of Magic Leap headset collect data for your system

The augmented reality device Magic Leap is still a dark horse. About it it became known in 2014, when the project has already attracted more than half a billion dollars of investment. Recently sparked a minor scandal when the Network appeared information about the fact that the first rollers Magic Leap is not the result of the operation of the device, and computer-generated graphics.

However, the first roller when the company officially claimed that is the result of the prototype, was shown at the end of 2015. And it wasn’t necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to see a huge difference and realize that the first clips were really just advertising.

Anyway, the network got the photo, which allegedly depicted the prototype device Magic Leap. At the time, the head of the company claimed that as a result of their headset will be comfortable enough, compact and made with care and design to her it was no problem to wear on the street. Judging by the photos, before such a result far.

But in the end the head of the company Abovitz Rony (Rony Abovitz) commented on this picture saying that this is not a prototype headset and a device with which the developers collect data about the surrounding space for a vision system, which is one of the foundations of the technology of Magic Leap.

The headset itself the photo shows bad. But this device may in General have nothing to do with the consumer version, as intended for other tasks.

Magic Leap


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