In the Netherlands also established a special ground lights for those who can not break away from the smartphone while walking

Hardly for someone will be the news the fact that smartphones, thanks to its features, evolved into a new type of dependence. It is different, concentrated on a particular service or social network, but they all lead to the fact that the person is not able to permanently break away from the smartphone.

Back in 2014 we wrote about dedicated lanes on the sidewalk designed for people who prefer while driving to look under legs or forward, and on the screen of the smartphone. Last year in Germany in Augsburg for people has established a special ground lights.

The fact that this was not an isolated case, proves a similar project in the Netherlands. The city with the unpronounceable Slavic person called Bodegraven-Reeuwijk set similar to the German ground signals, but a different kind. They project on the ground bright red or green bar that needs to get into the field of view, even those who do not detached from the display of the mobile device.

The system is called +Lightlines. While it is installed only in one place near the school, but, unfortunately, in a short time, like traffic lights for the «elite» may have to put everywhere. By the way, Australia is also testing such a system.

You can also note that such projects, there are opponents. In particular, the representative of the Dutch organization responsible for traffic, said that the authorities only encourage dangerous and wrong behavior of a certain group of people.


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