In the last quarter the share of AMD in the market of 3D cards has grown, analysts JPR

Experts of the analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) summed up the second quarter of 2017 not only in the market of graphic processors (GPU), and 3D maps. If the first report of the leader of Intel, 99% of the processors which is equipped with a built-in GPU, in the second report listed only two companies — Nvidia and AMD, which are divided between the GPU market used in 3D maps. Themselves 3D cards are issued by 48 companies, partners of Nvidia and AMD.

As follows from prepared JPR report, shipments of 3D maps in comparison with the previous quarter increased by 30.9%, as compared with the second quarter of last year by 34.9%. Analysts attribute the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, for the extraction which uses the GPU. It is significant that sales of desktop PCs for the quarter decreased by 18.2%.

For the quarter AMD was able to increase its share from 27.5% to 29.4%. Accordingly, the share of Nvidia in comparison with the first quarter decreased from 72.5% to 70.6%. Share a year ago AMD was equal to 30.8%, the share of Nvidia — 69,1%.



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