In the last quarter, Tesla had produced only 260 car Model 3

Tesla issued a press release, which contains data on car sales in the third quarter.

During the reporting period, Tesla put on the market in 26 of 150 vehicles. Of these, 14 065 copies of the Model S and 11 865 crossover Model X. If you count, you are still 220 «extra» cars. Is the amount delivered to customers new Model 3.

If you don’t count the last, the supply increased by 4.5% yoy and 17.7% in the quarter. Tesla expects that by the end of the year will be able to sell about 100,000 cars Model S and Model X that exceeds that of 2016, at 31%.

Tesla also notes that produced for the quarter was 25 336 vehicles, of which 260 machine is the Model 3. The company recognizes that the production of new items came in below the expected level due to bottlenecks in the production process. The difference in the number produced and delivered cars formed due to the fact that Tesla considers to set only those cars that made it to the end user. For example, at the end of the third quarter in the process of delivery to customers was 4820 cars
but they will be considered on account of the new quarter.

Note that the number of pre-orders for the Model 3 has already exceeded 400 000. Even while there is no predictions as to by what time will Tesla be able to meet such demand.



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