In the last quarter, sales of smart hours increased amid lower demand for activity trackers

Analysts Canalys estimated the market of wearable electronics in the first quarter of this year and came to the conclusion that in annual terms, sales of activity trackers fell, but smart watches, on the contrary, increased.

The first quarter sold about 9 million devices, which is 7% lower than a year earlier. Sales of smart watches grew by 25%, reaching 6 million units. The situation is primarily due to the impressive decline in sales of Fitbit devices, as a former leader of this market in General.

Canalys analysts believe that consumers began to switch to a smart watch because of the greater functionality in comparison with the activity trackers. However, over the last couple of years, the capabilities of the devices of these two classes has not changed, and the decline in sales of conventional trackers only happened now, so the explanation should be sought elsewhere.


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