In the last quarter, Huawei has lagged behind Apple only 2.6 million shipped smartphones

Analysts at Strategy Analytics have published a report concerning the world’s supply of smartphones in the second quarter of this year.

According to their estimates, in just three months it was sold 360 million units, which is 6% higher than a year earlier. Leader, as always, was Samsung, who managed to sell 79,5 million smartphones vs 77.6 m a year earlier.

Apple increased sales from 40.4 to 41 million, taking thus the usual second place. However, Huawei in the last quarter approached his chief opponent as closely as possible: 38.4 million smartphones sold, up from 32 million last year.

Completing the top five leaders of the Oppo (29.5 million against 18 million in the previous year) and, interestingly, Xiaomi, which sold 23.2 million devices, while a year earlier only 14.7 million Thus, the last quarter was very interesting due to the maximum reach of indicators Huawei to Apple and also due to the rapid rise of Xiaomi.


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