In the interactive whiteboard QuirkLogic Quilla is the world’s largest electrophoretic screen

As we previously reported, the company E Ink has introduced the world’s largest electrophoretic display. Simultaneously, the company QuirkLogic announced the release of a device called Quilla. The manufacturer determines Quilla as the greatest system in the world Connected eWriter. In fact, it is the interactive whiteboard where you can draw and write with a special pen. Screen size Quilla — 42 inches diagonally. Allegedly working with Quilla is very similar to working with plain paper and pen.

Using Quilla, it is possible to organize joint work and planning, to present papers, to publish ads. Small weight and thickness coupled with self-powered for easy transport and placement device. Images are saved automatically and available for later use. Available to the user an intuitive editing operations. Possible remote work.

Sales Quilla needs to begin at the end of the second quarter. About the price yet. Be the first to see the device can visitors of the exhibition CES 2017.

Source: QuirkLogic

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