In the future the factory of TSMC in the United States will be developed a 3-nanometer technology

As we’ve reported, next year TSMC will decide to build semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the USA or not. Referring to the publication Economic Daily News, a source claims that the company, wherever it is built, to produce products according to the norms of 3 nm.

According to TSMC, the preferred location for the new factory is Taiwan. The manufacturer even went to the state asking for assistance in acquiring land. The Ministry of science and technology has promised to allocate land in the industrial Park in the South of the island. However, its environmental assessment may not be ready by 2022, when TSMC plans to start production of a 3-nanometer products, so the manufacturer started to consider other options.

Accommodation businesses in the South of Taiwan is complicated by pollution and lack of electricity in the region.

Recall, investment in the plant is estimated at about 16.4 billion dollars.

Source: Digitimes



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