In the framework of the collective lawsuit from Apple require the introduction of a function blocking send text messages while driving

At the end of last year in USA there was a tragic accident, which killed a five year old girl. The accident happened through the fault of the driver who used the app video FaceTime on your iPhone while driving. In the end, the girl’s parents filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of the lack of care about safety on the roads, as the company could implement the technology, prohibiting the use of these functions during driving.

It turned out that not only the couple, Modisett believes that Apple can better protect people in such situations. As reported, against Cupertino giant was served like that, but for a class action lawsuit. In it the plaintiff, which is ceja Julio (Julio Ceja), requires a ban on sales of Apple smartphones in California for as long as it does not implement the functions that block the ability to send text messages while driving.

The plaintiff reports that Apple had such technology back in 2008, and in 2014 received the corresponding patents. But the company doesn’t want to implement similar functions for fear of lower sales.

The document also stated that the iPhone, according to the California Highway Patrol, responsible for about 52 000 car accidents and 312 deaths per year in California.



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