In the first half of the market has declined, despite a slight increase in the segment of models with interchangeable lenses

Organization CIPA has published the data about sales of digital cameras in the first half of this year. Within four months of the six experienced a decrease of sales in quantitative expression in comparison with the previous month. In General, over the six months, the market declined by about 15%. And, say, the June figure was only 52.6 per cent last year (1.62 million units against 3.08 million pieces).

In the segment of cameras with interchangeable lenses, a slight increase: in January they were sold for 0.79 million shares, then in June of 0.85 million shares. Specify that the June figure 2016 is 70% reading for June 2015.

Growth in the segment of cameras with interchangeable lenses were not enough to fully compensate for the decline in sales of compact cameras, which in June sold a total of 0.77 million shares, representing 41.2% of last year’s rate of 1.86 million units.

In General, in June this year, has sold fewer cameras, if we consider the period from January 2014: 1.9 million pieces. The largest volume of sales was recorded in October 2014 of 4.55 million units.

Source: CIPA


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