In the Facebook Messenger app added a «reactions»

In early March, it was reported that the company Facebook is testing the functionality of a «Reaction» in his very own Messenger app, allowing users easier to Express your emotions in the conversation.

Yesterday it was announced the beginning of the spread of an upgrade that will make Reactions available to all Messenger users in the next few days.

As expected, the main innovation was the seventh reaction, which is not in the main Facebook app. We are talking about the button «dislike» («dislike»).

If someone likes your message, you will see a small animation. If at this moment you are not in the chat window, then you will be left a notification. You can assess all types of messages, including text, stickers, videos, pictures.

Being in a group chat, you can attract the attention of a specific person by typing the @ symbol and selecting from the list his name. Then people will get a notification that someone mentioned, and not miss your message.



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