In the external design of the Airbus want to use electroluminescent paint

Darkside Scientific company that created LumiLor electroluminescent coating Light Emitting Coating, has announced a partnership with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The goal of the collaboration is to develop external markings for Airbus, which uses electroluminescent LumiLor paint.

The developer called LumiLor first and only patented electroluminescent paint. It gives me an opportunity to use light in decorating various objects. Cover turns almost any surface into a source of monochromatic light, without changing its shape and function. Glow is visible at all angles, at large distances, through the rain and fog.

It is assumed that the use of LumiLor in the design of the Airbus will allocate them against the products of competitors.

According to the partners, LumiLor paint meets all the requirements to the external coating of the aircraft.

Source: Darkside Scientific


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