In the cooling systems of smartphones can appear the vaporization chamber

Smartphone manufacturers want to begin to use in cooling systems for these devices, the vaporization chamber. It is expected that this will improve the cooling efficiency. Testing new cooling systems have already begun, the company Asustek Computer and ZTE. Allegedly, the company is also showing interest in this technology.

The development of cooling systems with evaporative camera, designed for smartphones, Taiwanese company Chaung Choung Technology, Asia Vital Components and TaiSol Electronics, as well as Japan’s Furukawa Electric.

While most smartphone makers were limited to the usual radiators, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have moved to the heat pipe thickness 0.35-0.40 mm supplied Chaung Choung, Furukawa Electric, Auras Technology and Delta Electronics.

The vaporization chamber for efficiency, superior heat pipe. Now available evaporation chambers with a thickness of 0.38 mm. Further thickness reduction is associated with technological difficulties and leads to a decrease of the yield rate of products.

Source: Digitimes


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