In the configuration of the new PC Apple Mac Pro will Radeon Pro 490 GPU Vega

A few days ago, the Network appeared rumors that the Radeon RX 490 can be on the market before the end of this year, it seemed unlikely.

Now, regarding this card. First, the device appeared in the catalog PrisGuide, although there is nothing said. Is there a release date for the adapter is the second half of this year, but no parameters there.

Second, the source, referring to the Chinese informants, reports that, Radeon Pro 490 to debut in new PCs, Apple Mac Pro in may 2017. And supposedly it will be based on the GPU Vega. It is unlikely AMD will release two similar models, albeit aimed at slightly different segments, with almost the same name, but radically different in the parameters. So, most likely, RX 490 will also be GPU-based Vega, which again casts doubt on its appearance in the market this year.

On the other hand, AMD could show the accelerator during the broadcast of the event New Horizon, and the card would fall early next year, which correlates with many earlier rumors and leaks.



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