In the coming months, Microsoft will begin shipping HoloLens headset updated with the new processor

It is no secret that the basis of the headset, Microsoft HoloLens lies with CPU Intel Atom x5-Z8100, who does not possess the performance. However, there are still some graphics — Graphics HoloLens, but its parameters and the range of tasks is unknown.

According to the source, without waiting for the change of generations, Microsoft decided to upgrade my headset. More precisely, this is only a suggestion based on the fact that Intel announced the termination of the supply above the CPU. Last orders the company to take on 30 September, and the last processor will ship on October 30.

The source claims that Microsoft is probably at the moment is the only direct customer of Intel buying CPU data. Furthermore, it is likely that it is the desire of Microsoft to move to a more modern solution that have inspired Intel to release a statement about the termination of supplies.

Which processor will be used in the updated version, is unclear, but will be interested to know whether it will affect somehow on your headset.

In addition, the source reports that the second generation HoloLens. Expect it in the near future is not necessary, but some details about it. The new device will receive a special coprocessor artificial intelligence, which will be responsible for object recognition and voice. This coprocessor, and Holographic Processing Unit of the second generation, was developed in the bowels of Microsoft specifically for the HoloLens.



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