In the code macOS 10.12.2 beta found mention of strange AMD

Users in the study macOS 10.12.2 beta found in her mention of three GPUs AMD: Polaris 10, 12 Polaris and Vega 10.

And all this small list is of interest. Let’s start with the simplest — GPU Polaris 10. Yes, Apple in their new MacBook Pro uses the graphics card architecture of the Polaris in the Polaris Junior GPU 11. In addition, there is mention of a certain Polaris 10XT2 that can use either a dual-processor graphics cards based on the Polaris 10, or just about these two cards. By the way, it may be that the Radeon RX 490 (or Radeon Pro 490), about which we wrote several times.

Vega 10 — new GPU, which is fairly unknown. But once he appeared in the OS code, we can assume that his announcement is not far off.

Well with Polaris 12 and did nothing is unclear. This GPU does not officially exist, and none of the rumor never mentioned about such decision. If we consider the relative positions of the existing GPU generation of Polaris in the line of AMD, one can assume that this is some kind of GPU for a very budget models 3D cards cost significantly below $100. And if in the desktop segment from AMD there is no particular reason to produce such adapters, because you can use a stripped-down Polaris 11, the mobile GPU budget allows you to give the notebook a discrete adapter without having to worry about power consumption and heat.

But all this speculation and while we can only guess, is there somewhere in the AMD labs such a graphics processor or, as Apple calls so that some of the existing solutions.



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