In the catalog appeared Ikelite underwater housing for camera Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5

Available in may camera Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 can shoot at depths up to 15 m. Focusing on those for whom this is not enough, the company Ikelite has added to its range of Boxing for underwater shooting with the catalog index 6233.06.

Boxing, designed to dive to a depth of 60 m, provides convenient access to camera functions, including changing focal length of the lens.

The manufacturer notes that the camera’s built in flash to illuminate the subjects underwater. However, the box gives the opportunity to use it to control external light sources. For connecting the respective fiber optic cables there are two ports.

Is possible to install a nozzle on wide angle lens and attachment for macro photography. Boxing is compatible with nozzles with a bore thread diameter 67 mm. With dimensions of 158 x 112 x 94 mm and it weighs 500 g. fresh water Boxing provides the camera a small positive buoyancy.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price new is $299.

Source: Ikelite



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