In the case of the 16-nuclear processor AMD Ryzen two crystal Summit Ridge

As you know, AMD is preparing to release 16-core and 12-core processors AMD Ryzen. According to the source, in buildings such processors will have two crystal Summit Ridge, each of which has two clusters of four cores. In the case of a 12-core models in each cluster will be enabled by three cores out of four.

For the exterior design 12-core and 16-core AMD Ryzen selected housing type LGA with the number of output more than 4000. The memory bus width and the number of PCIe lanes, these processors will be more than models with eight cores. Interface DDR4 is Quad channel, and the total number of PCIe Gen 3.0 is 58 (the channel for communication with the chipset, A-Link PCIe 3.0 x4 will be launched only from a single crystal). The source confirmed that the increase in the number of nuclei not accompanied by a decrease of the clock frequency, but increases TDP. In the case of a processor with 12 cores, the TDP is 140 watts, with 16 cores — 180 watts.

It is expected that AMD will introduce new processors at Computex in June 2017, soon after which they will appear on the market.

Source: Techpowerup

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