In the case Enermax Ostrog Lite power supply is in a separate compartment

Silverstone has introduced a new modification of the Ostrog case, variations of which are sold already not the first year. The new product under the name Enermax Ostrog Lite power supply, as before, located in the lower part of the body, but it is now placed in a separate compartment in which to stow the cables. Dedicated compartment is blown by the fan standard size 80 or 90 mm.

The body is made of steel SPCC thickness 0.5 mm and equipped with side acrylic viewing panel. Supported motherboard sizes ATX, graphics cards up to 390 mm, power supply up to 180mm long and CPU coolers up to a height of 152 mm. At the top and the front panel has two seats for fans of size 120 mm, another place provided on the rear wall. Ventilation grids on the top and bottom are protected with removable dust filters.

For optical drives there are two bays for HDD has two seats and two more for the SSD. The dimensions of the enclosure Enermax Ostrog Lite is 440 x 194 x 460 mm, its supply has already begun.



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