In Thailand, biometrics will soon become mandatory to register the SIM card

From 15 December in Thailand will be the mandatory registration of new SIM cards with biometric confirmation, designed to impede the illegal use of mobile technology.

There are two types of scan in the scanning of faces or fingerprints. Scan data will be compared with data stored in the identity document of the buyer (the role Thailand plays a plastic card) and a Central database of all citizens, then they will be sent to the storage operator.

The introduction of mandatory biometric checks, the government has pushed the actions of terrorists who use prepaid SIM cards in remote fuses that are managed by the cellular network. However, according to the government, the fight against the terrorist threat is relevant only for the South of the country, and in other regions of the described measure will help to improve the security of mobile payments.

Foreigners buying SIM cards in Thailand, will be scanning their faces and then comparing the scanning results with photo in the passport.

Such schemes of registration earlier entered Bangladesh, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


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