In Switzerland, created the power source for electronic devices, while simultaneously delivering a cooling liquid

Experts of the Swiss higher technical school of Zurich (ETH) and Department of IBM Research in Zurich have created a miniature redox flow power source. According to the researchers, similar products in the future, can be integrated in the chip to not only provide meals, but cool.

In redox flow power source the electricity is generated by electrochemical reactions involving two liquid electrolytes, pumped through the external pump. The liquid can heat.

Prototype, created by scientists, has a thickness of only 1.5 mm. it is Expected that such elements will be located between the crystal chip with volumetric layout. From its predecessors the new product is different to the record high energy density of up to 1.4 W per centimeter of the surface. Even less cost for pumping a liquid results in a value greater than 1 W/cm2. The measurement results show that the electrolytes do effectively dissipate heat. They are able to take more heat energy than the source produces electrical energy (which, in fact, is converted into thermal energy in the process of chip).

Source: ETH


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