In South Korea created the world’s first system for liposuction in which the surgeon helps artificial intelligence

South Korea’s 365mc hospital, specializing in liposuction operations, was presented the M. A. I. L (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence-assisted Liposuction), developed in collaboration with Microsoft and uses Microsoft Azure service. Allegedly the world’s first system to liposuction, which uses artificial intelligence.

System M. A. I. L records the movement of the surgeon during procedures and analyses methods of analysis of big data. The result is an assessment of the actions of the surgeon, allowing real-time make recommendations, predict the resulting shape of the body and even to numerically assess the results of the operation as the degree of psychological satisfaction of the patient. Now the conclusions about the correctness of actions of the doctor are usually made two months later, when the bruises and seals.

According to the representative of medical institution, the new system radically changes the approach to operations, reducing the dependence of their results from the intuition and experience of the surgeon. Its use makes the results more predictable and reduces the risk of complications.

A database that provides the work of M. A. I. L were collected in the hospital for two years. The next year in 365mc plan to spend on the verification of the system, after which it will be able to purchase Microsoft Azure Marketplace other medical facilities.


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