In smartphones Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ uses Sony image sensors and ISOCELL IMX333 S5K2L2

It is no secret that the cameras of their flagship smartphones, Samsung always uses two types of image sensors: self-development and solution Sony. While the Korean giant manages to make it so that get the different camera shots are almost identical, which once again proves that the camera of the smartphone is not less important than the module or optics.

Phones Galaxy S8 not yet managed to get into the sale, but investigators have to find out what modules are used in new products.

So, depending on the instance, smartphones can be used either S5K2L2 ISOCELL or Sony IMX333, which is also called IMX260 Pro.

Both sensor optical format 1/2,55 inch are characterized by a resolution of 12.2 MP. Cameras boast autofocus technology Dual Pixel, optical stabilization and a maximum aperture of F/1.7.

As for front cameras, then Sony sensors are used IMX320 or S5K3H1.



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