In smartphones Huawei P10 is found in flash memory 2.1 UFS, UFS 2.0 and eMMC 5.1

As it became known, in different markets there are smartphones Huawei P10, equipped with different flash memory. And it’s not just about its entirety, and according to different specifications, which in practice is expressed in different speed.

If you use the test app Androbench 5.0 it was found that some Huawei models P10 is equipped with a memory, with read speeds of over 700 MB/s, there are models with read speeds of 400-500 MB/s or even at least 300 MB/s.

These data were published on a Chinese forum Huawei. Presumably, Huawei P10, with read speeds of over 700 MB/s used flash memory UFS 2.1. Other models use memory UFS 2.0 and eMMC 5.1.

Huawei has not made any statements on this matter.



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