In Singapore shopping centre on fire brand store Samsung

Last night in the store, Samsung Experience Store located at the Mall AMK Hub in Singapore, there was a fire.

According AMK Hub, the fire occurred at 1:25 and was removed within a few minutes automatic fire extinguishing system. No one was hurt. The Mall was fenced plot security reasons and for cleaning. The store and surrounding outlets temporarily suspended work. The rest of the Mall is open as usual.

Fire (in Singapore their functions are performed by the civil defence force — SCDF) received the alarm at 1:32. The call went two fire engines, two sanitary and five auxiliary. Arriving at the scene, firefighters found that the fire raised the plot of dimensions 1 x 2 m.

Now experts with the participation of SCDF Samsung are investigating the circumstances of the incident to determine the cause of the fire.

Source: Channel NewsAsia



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