In Shanghai, construction began on the factory EverDisplay, which will produce flexible AMOLED panel on substrates 6G

In the second half of September it became known that EverDisplay Optronics provides funds for 6G new factory for the production of AMOLED panels. Recently held the official ceremony of launching the construction company, which will be located in Shanghai. Investment in the project is estimated at $ 4 billion.

The design capacity of the factory is 30,000 substrates per month. 6G, the substrate size is equal to 1500 x 1850 mm. the Factory will specialize in flexible AMOLED panels small and medium size (from 1 to 15 inches).

Construction is planned to finish in two years. In August 2018 to begin the installation of the equipment. A trial production of the factory will begin in January 2019, and shipment of serial production of the manufacturer expects to begin in 2021. Roughly, the company will bring EverDisplay 1.5 billion dollars in revenue annually.

Now EverDisplay releases of AMOLED panel in size 5 and 5.5 inches, and a small panel for wearable devices in the factory to 4.5 G, which handles 20 000 monthly substrates. Panel Full HD 5.5-inch size production EverDisplay, in particular, are used in smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

Source: OLED-Info



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