In Russia may slow down Facebook, Twitter and Google, and in the future — to block

As reported by «Vedomosti», the government has developed a new plan to fight sites for foreign companies that do not respect the decisions of the Russian courts. At the moment the bill agreed in the Kremlin, the relevant amendments to existing legislation may be introduced in the spring.

We are talking about a significant slowdown in the operation of such services and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Also slow can the popular search engine Google. The fact that Facebook and Twitter are refusing to remove the content entered in the register of banned websites by the decision of the Russian courts. Yes, and Google has a lot of claims from Federal Antimonopoly service and Roskomnadzor.

In addition, these companies do not carry out the act which States that personal data must be stored on Russian servers. For this reason, Russia has blocked the social network LinkedIn.

The speed limit may be a temporary measure, the source does not rule out a scenario in which after the election of the President of Russia in 2018, the aforementioned resources will be blocked. «Close access to major resources is impractical, especially during the election period», — writes the newspaper «Vedomosti».


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