In Poland created a new light source based on lasers and graphene

Specialists of the Institute of low temperature and structural research in Wroclaw have developed a new highly efficient white light source. This source uses graphene foam. Graphene has no gap, but it is possible to create, exciting the graphene is continuous laser radiation. The result is graphene starts to radiate photons in a very broad spectrum from the UV boundary to near infrared radiation.

According to the researchers, the radiation spectrum is very similar to the sun. In this respect, the new light source is advantageously different from led lamps, the spectrum of which has peaks.

The new light source is characterized by an efficiency greater than 200 LM/W, color rendering index is not less than 99. As for the lifespan, it is determined by the laser, and may exceed 10 000 hours.

About the prospects of commercialization of the development, the source said.

Source: Graphene-info


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