In PC configuration Alienware Area-51 R3-seen 12-core processor AMD Ryzen

The source of published information about the 12-core processor AMD Ryzen. The processor is capable of performing 24 number of parallel threads seen in the PC configuration Alienware Area-51 R3. More specifically, it is seen an engineering sample, which is the symbol AMD 2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N.

Transcript designation suggests that it is an engineering sample of the second generation, designed for desktop, and its base frequency is 2.7 GHz. The symbols A9 coded TDP, but the value is not known (A2 — 95 W, AU — 65W). The following symbol indicates to the CPU socket. The processors in the performance of the AM4 is a symbol M, in the performance of the SP3 — character V. the Following symbol is a hexadecimal number equal to the number of cores. The following is an indication on the amount of the cache, stepping and frequency. Turbo frequency 3,2 GHz.

Presumably, a 12-core processor AMD Ryzen will be part of the HEDT platform X390.

Source: Videocardz

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