In one of the tests SiSoftware Sandra processor Intel Pentium generation Gemini Lake ahead of its predecessor in half

In the Network appeared new instructions that Intel Gemini Lake do will significantly exceed the generation Apollo Lake productivity.

We will remind, in the summer, we learned that the data the CPU will be in a better decoder commands decoder 10-bit video VP9, twice the amount of cache memory and some other improvements.

Now the results of the testing of a certain model of CPU Gemini Lake has appeared in the SiSoftware database. The model was defined as Pentium Silver N5000. Probably, the serial CPU will be Pentium N5xxx. The test sample had four cores with frequency 1.1 GHz.

Resource CNX-Software has decided to compare the results of this CPU with a Pentium N4200, which has similar parameters and belongs to the family of Apollo Lake.

As you can see, the new product ahead of its predecessor by an amount of from 8% to 99%. The scatter is very large, and SiSoftware is purely synthetic, but the result gives hope that the processors Gemini Lake will significantly surpass the current generation. This is especially pleasing in light of the fact that almost all budget laptops now based on Apollo Lake CPU, since Intel is almost no «full» budget mobile processor outside of the Core family.



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