In October, Nvidia will introduce the GeForce GTX and GTX 1050 1050 Ti

According to the latest data, the GeForce GTX 1050 should be submitted in about a month. She is credited with a new GPU GP107 containing 768 CUDA cores.

If you believe the new piece of information, the market will see two cards: GTX GTX 1050 1050 and Ti. Both will get the same graphics processor GP107, but with different number of execution units.

Low card supposedly will get 640 CUDA cores and 40 texture units, while the older — 768 CUDA cores and 48 texture units. But the frequency will be higher than the GTX 1050 — 1354/1455 1290/1382 MHz vs MHz GTX 1050 Ti. The more available the adapter will have only 2 GB of memory, and more expensive — twice. The memory bus width in both cases will be 128 bits.

The source also confirms that TDP level will be limited to 75 watts, meaning they will not require additional power connection. Announce the device, according to them, not at the same time. First, in mid-October, will introduce the GTX 1050 Ti, but only a week or two later appears her younger sister.

As for the price positioning, a source says the price is 120 and $ 150 for the lower and upper cards respectively.



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