In modules Aupera Aup-AXL-M128-size M. 2 uses memory ST-MRAM

Last week it became known that the Latter is ready the industry’s first memory chips ST-MRAM density of 256 Mbit. Today, the company Aupera and NEC has introduced the world’s first storage module of size M. 2 PCIe, which found the use of these chips. The new product is called Aup-AXL-M128.

Magnetoresistive random access memory ST-MRAM (Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM) is characterized by high performance and durability, as well as the ability to store information in the absence of power. Speed records ST-MRAM is superior to the NAND flash memory more than 100,000 times. Unlike flash memory, ST-MRAM is not necessary to load distribution, since the wear when recording is virtually nonexistent.

This determines the advantages of the modules Aup-AXL-M128, equipped with 128 MB of memory ST-MRAM. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to use the modules as a cache memory, buffers and metadata repository. The company Aupera includes them in the configuration of a solid-state arrays Aup-Litesaber-V2000.

Source: Aupera Technologies


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