In Lux keyboards Corsair K70 RGB, K65 RGB K70 Lux and Lux uses Cherry MX switches

The range of keyboards at Corsair-oriented computer players, added three models of the line Lux: Lux K70 RGB, K65 RGB K70 Lux and Lux. As you can tell from the title, the two keyboards of the three is equipped with an adjustable led backlight RGB. In Lux K70 keys are highlighted in red.

According to the creators, all three models are used «wholly German switches with Cherry MX — MX Blue, MX Brown or MX Red. All of the keyboard support such need for a game device function as Anti-ghosting and Full N-Key Rollover for any number of keys pressed at the same time.

The model is equipped with a USB 2.0 port, which can connect any peripherals or perhaps USB stick. Additional comfort during long game needs to provide wrist support.

If not to take into account the lighting, the K70 RGB and K70 Lux Lux is absolutely the same: they are equipped with a digital block and allow you to adjust the volume with the wheel. K65 RGB Lux — a truncated version of the Lux model K70 RGB with 87 keys instead of 104. Adjusting the illumination in Lux K65 RGB solved with the help of buttons.

Dimensions and weight the Corsair K65 RGB Lux — 355 x 165 x 38 mm and 860 grams. The dimensions and weight of the models K70 and K70 RGB Lux Lux — 436 x 165 x 38 mm and 1.2 kg. the Cost of new products already known: K70 RGB Lux — $160, K65 RGB Lux — $130, K70 Lux — $120.

Source: Corsair



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