In Los Angeles the new Audi cars can give the driver the time remaining till switching of the traffic signal

Audi launched its service Traffic Light Information in Los Angeles. This is the first real implementation of the concept of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) in the performance of the automaker.

The technology is simple enough, although the way of its implementation, by contrast, is full of difficulties. So, the service receives the data signals next to the moving car traffic lights and duplicate them on the instrument panel. More precisely, the panel displays the time until the change signal.

Moreover, the Audi approached the question sensibly. The fact that, firstly, the car will show only the time remaining before the change of the red signal to green, and secondly, will not show a record of the last three seconds. This is done in order to take on the road there was not the reckless drivers trying to catch a few seconds to go the last hundred metres before the sign lit up red.

As for the described functionality, according to Audi, the service information will enable the drivers to foresee a situation at intersections, reduce traffic jams and will reduce the level of stress. For example, seeing a green signal a few seconds, the driver will put down their phone or installs a Cup of coffee in the Cup holder.

To realize this opportunity allowed the cooperation with the company Traffic Technology Services, working solutions for traffic management. The difficulty is that many of these companies and in order to implement this service across the country (and even more worldwide), it is necessary to operate with tens or hundreds of them. In particular, Audi is celebrating a more complex situation in Europe than in the US. By the way, in Europe the service will come, but much later. Initially the auto giant intends to extend the service to other US cities.

Unfortunately, to take advantage of the service, it is necessary not only to connect portfolio Connect Prime but to own a Audi A4 or Q7 2017 model year with the Audi Connect system.

It should also be noted that a similar service was launched by Toyota in Japan a year ago.



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