In Los Angeles opened the world’s first IMAX VR

At the end of last year, we wrote about the fact that the company IMAX, known for the eponymous film format that intends to invest at least $ 50 million in creating a few dozen VR movies and attractions.

But in order to further demonstrate appropriate cinemas. The first opened in Los Angeles. Actually, a cinema in the usual sense it is not. First, in addition to films there will be the same rides and games. Secondly, no large screen, of course, is not there.

Hall IMAX VR has 14 separate rooms. It one seat Dbox. Also, the viewer gets a virtual reality headset, the physical controllers, if necessary, and a special vest with Subpac vibration. Interestingly, in the cinema uses two types of VR headsets: HTC Vive (most of) Starbreeze and StarVR.

The cost of tickets in IMAX VR varies from 7 to 10 dollars. Collaborate with IMAX to create relevant content volunteered many companies, including ILMxLABs, Sony, Lionsgate, Starbreeze, Ubisoft and Survios.

IMAX already has agreements to open four more such cinemas in the United States and China, but of course, this company is not limited.



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