In less than a year Microsoft has «thousands» of HoloLens headsets

The augmented reality headset HoloLens, Microsoft introduced in 2015, and to sell beginning in March last year. We will remind, at the moment the device is distributed only among developers and at a considerable price: $ 3,000.

The official date the company was not named, but said that the way consumer devices to expect in the coming years is not worth it. Most likely, when that appears, it will be significantly different from the existing model.

Anyway, the source reports that Microsoft says about the «thousands» of headsets sold in less than a year. Exact figures representative of the company did not name, but noted that Microsoft is very pleased with the sales and not counting on more.

Plans for the future Roger Walkden (Roger Walkden) also said nothing. But noted that even he them simply does not have because Microsoft protects those secrets. This is despite the fact that Walkden — commercial Director of the project HoloLens.



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