In just four months Huawei was able to realize 5 million smartphones Mate 9

As we recently reported, for the year, Huawei has sold 12 million smartphones P9 and P9 Plus. Smartphones Mate 8, the company sold approximately 7 million

How will be sold the model P10 and P10 Plus, have yet to learn. But Mate 9, apparently, sold better than its predecessor.

As reported by Huawei itself, in just four months she was able to realize 5 million vehicles. This is 36% more than smartphones Mate 8 for the same period. Moreover, Mate 9 shows approximately the same results, demonstrating for the first four months of the model’s P9 and P9 Plus total! It is not excluded that during the year sales Mate 9 is not much behind the P10 and the P10 Plus. This could then push Huawei to rethink its line of smartphones and the shift to plantation.



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