In June, the smartphone LG G6 can get the technology three-dimensional scanning of persons

The publication of the Investor reports that LG Electronics is planning to add to its recently released smartphone LG G6 technology three-dimensional scanning.

Partner LG will be the Oez company that created the appropriate software called OezFR. The source adds that will be added to LG G6 in June of this year, when the Korean company will launch its payment system in the LG Pay. If LG uses the technology to scan individuals to confirm payments to LG Pay, we will get the first similar precedent. But the source alleges that such a possibility exists and it is quite high.

Software OezFR uses no more than 5 MB of memory and is also equipped with a protective mechanism that prevents hacking of the system by using the user’s photos. Recall that the facial recognition system the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be easily fooled.



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