In June, the autopilot Tesla will work much better

The automatic control system, implemented in Tesla, does not always work perfectly. Even CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) recognizes that in some moments, being in a car driven by a computer system, may not be very comfortable. We are talking about what the autopilot can do things too abruptly.

However, in June will be released the next firmware update for the Tesla Model S and Model X, released after Oct 2016. This update will allow the autopilot system to work much better. First, the computer will control the car smoothly (Musk used the phrase «smooth as silk»). Second, it will increase the already high reliability of the autopilot, to prevent the slightest possibility of getting the electric car in an accident.

Musk hopes that the upcoming update will also add the option of automatic perpendicular Parking.



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