In June, Huawei has displaced Apple from second place in the smartphone market

At the beginning of last year, the Huawei statement of intention within two years to get around Apple in the smartphone market was perceived by many as a joke. But apparently, the Chinese giant even ahead of schedule.

Recently, we reported that in Central and Eastern Europe, Huawei is already ahead of Apple. Now, Counterpoint analysts argue that the global smartphone shipments of Huawei in June and July was higher than the copertina.

The exact numbers source does not, but for clarity, there is a schedule.

As you can see, in June, Apple very much subsided, but somehow, rose in July. Anyway, Huawei is ahead of the competitor. Graph well demonstrates the seasonality of demand for Apple’s smartphone, due to a very modest range. The company with a broader portfolio so powerful is not subject to change, although in the case of Samsung it’s very much depends on the success of its main competitor.

Undoubtedly, with the release of the new generation iPhone Apple will regain second place, and perhaps one or two months will be ahead of Samsung, as it was in December last year. However, the overall trend is likely to continue, so next year we can expect more significant advantages over Huawei Apple.

Analysts also noted that August for Huawei began equally successfully, so that at the end of the last summer month the company has to take second place.



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