In June decided on the location for the factory, where it is planned to develop norms 3 nm

On the website of the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, today there is a concise message regarding the release of this product according to the norms of 3 nm.

The report said that the new facility will be located in science Park Tainan Science Park. According to the manufacturer, the decision about the location of the factory made after «careful evaluation». It is hoped that this choice of location would «fully take» advantage of the fact that the Park is already industrial complex TSMC and established supply chain.

In TSMC thanked the government for its willingness to address issues related to land allocation, water and energy supplies and environmental protection.

Preliminary information on the intention of TSMC to build the company, who have to learn rules of 3 nm, appeared in December of last year.



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