In Japan, the first recorded case of human death due to game Pokemon GO, which lost 15 million users per month

Released less than two months ago mobile games has become a phenomenon in the hunt for the pokemon went tens of millions of people.

Before the media published information that inattentive fishers futuristic creatures fell into a situation that led to injury, but recently in Japan, was the first recorded case of human death due to Pokemon GO.

The tragic incident occurred in the city of Tokushima, where the 39-year-old driver of the vehicle, playing Pokemon GO, knocked down two pedestrians. One of them died from his injuries, the second survived, but was seriously injured. The driver admitted that he was playing Pokemon GO and simply did not notice pedestrians.

The Niantic Studio that created the Pokemon GO, released an official statement on this matter: «We Express our deepest condolences to the family, continuing to study the details of the accident. After the investigation we will do everything we need».

In other news related to Pokemon GO: in mid-July, an active user base of the game was about 45 million people. However, last month Pokemon GO lost about 15 million users.


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