In Japan in 2025 will appear unmanned cargo ships

Technologies developed for unmanned cars, as we know, can be applied to trucks or buses. But Japan went on. According to the source, the Japanese shipping company Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen are working with shipbuilders, including Japan Marine United, on the creation of unmanned cargo vehicles.

Of course, in this case the technologies used in unmanned cars, useless. Here in the first place will play the role of geolocation systems and technology to track the position of the vessel in water, the strength and direction of waves and so on.

The source suggests that these vessels may appear in 2025. Actually, the ships themselves will not be structurally different from the existing ones, which makes it easier. Artificial intelligence will also deal with forecasting of faults and other problems, which should reduce the number of incidents on the water. However, such technologies may well be used without the drone ships.

It is also said that the company plans to build about 250 ships. Apparently, this refers to the year 2025. Also, the source claims that the development of appropriate technology will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

For example, Nippon Yusen is working on the technology that allows courts to assess the risks of collisions. In addition, together with the Norwegian company DNV GL, the Japanese are working on technology for the collection and analysis of data on the status and performance of the vessel.

Of course, the first generation of these vehicles will save the crew, but in the future, cargo ships can become completely «deserted.»


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