In India want to ban self-driving cars

In India, self-driving cars will be banned. About it is said in a statement issued today, the Minister of transport.

It is noteworthy that the reason for the ban not named fears about security and a desire to save jobs.

In India, indeed, the high level of unemployment. However, qualified drivers are missing. The deficit is estimated at about 22 000 jobs. The state separates the training centers, hoping in the next few years to train at least 5,000 people.

Former CEO of Uber agree that self-driving cars are not yet place on Indian roads. But for a different reason — the road conditions are too dangerous, and the traffic on them is chaotic. This view is shared by the CEO of Google. As you know, both companies are developing self-driving cars.

Interestingly, the Indian automobile company Tata Elxsi still leads the development of driverless cars. The test track simulates real traffic conditions in India: a huge number of pedestrians and livestock, the lack of markings and lack of signs. As the prohibition of the Ministry of transport will affect the development is still unknown.


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