In ICQ appeared group calls

Developers ICQ announced the features introduced in new versions of this program for online communication that are designed for Windows and macOS. We are talking about group audio and video calls, extra chat features and improved navigation.

In the group call can participate not two people, as usual, but three or four. Note that in versions of ICQ mobile for Android and iOS to create group calls is not yet available, but users can be added to calls initiated from Windows or macOS.

Interesting innovations include improved citations: to go to the original message, just a click of the mouse. Sent cutscenes are now played back directly in the dialogue, and the special setting allows you to automatically open the dialogue on the first unread message. With regard to the improvement of navigation, all the settings are now grouped on a single slide-out panel on the left.

New version of ICQ is already available on the website and the source code is on Github.

Source: ICQ


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