In Hong Kong lit a convertible notebook based on Intel Gemini Lake

The exhibition HKTDC Electronics Fair 2017, which a few days ago was held in Hong Kong, the source was able to detect interesting device: laptop transformer on Intel Gemini Lake. Recall that the range of these entry level CPU designed to replace CPU series Apollo Lake, promised by year-end, the same shall be held and the official announcements of ready-made solutions based on them. But already now it is possible to evaluate built on Lake Gemini convertible laptop.

This unnamed device uses a CPU Intel Celeron N4000 on the architecture Goldmont. It has two processing cores working at a frequency of 1.1 to 2.16 GHz and 4 MB cache second level. For comparison, the Apollo Lake processors supported cache memory half. The CPU coupled with 4 GB of RAM. Regarding the volume flash memory of the laptop, it is 64 GB. Gemini Lake will support modules eMMC 5.1, but not the fact that shown on the photo model uses this type of memory.

The laptop is quite thin. The body is made from a single piece of metal, and the cooling system is passive. The device has a touch screen diagonal of 11.6 inches resolution Full HD, which can be controlled with the pen.

The list includes three USB ports (Type-A and two Type-C), a slot for a microSD card, combo Jack for headphones and microphone, stereo speakers. The SIM card slot provided, but the integrated LTE modem in the device was not. Possible, product samples are all the same to support mobile data.

Shenzhen Skyworld Technology Co. Ltd, behind this laptop-transformer, demonstrated the device for the sole purpose of studying the demand, but this product gives a good idea of how anything should look and what will be able to offer the consumer cheap notebooks based on CPU Gemini Lake.

Source: Notebook Italy



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