In generic are skeptical about the prospects for UFS

The UFS interface, sometimes referred to as the inevitable successor to eMMC, not yet adopted by the industry sufficiently. What’s more, his prospects may not be as rosy as it seems at first glance. In any case, this view is shared by Robert Bilby (Robert Bielby), who heads the company Micron Technology automotive solutions.

An example of the leading manufacturers of smartphones shows that the time-tested standard eMMC still is a great success. A potential advantage of the UFS in terms of performance in practice offset by immature software and defining the final bandwidth.

With reference to the automotive market affects the orientation of the UFS in the consumer application, the result of which is the insufficient level of reliability and security.

Bilby believes that in the segment with high requirements for performance more promising is the PCIe, with its well-developed ecosystem that includes a wide variety of proven hardware and software solutions. In other words, here UFS is inferior to NVMe. In more simple cases, the advantage has been run in a «workhorse» in the form of eMMC.

In fact, when increasing the hype around the potential of UFS, this development may in the end prove to be a dead end.


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