In Ford created the division of robotics and artificial intelligence

At the end of June, Ford announced the creation of a Department whose employees are to carry out research and development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. The staff working in the units of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering called Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research.

More specifically, the members of this team will learn the new sensors, machine learning methods, technical requirements for access to world markets, and to develop a «personal mobility device», drones and other robotic flying machines that are able to be involved in the transport chain at the beginning and the end. It is assumed that the group, consisting of researchers from different disciplines, will provide a more concentrated application of forces. This need stems from an increasing understanding of the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence. In addition, it is expected that the work of the division of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research will help to promote the program create a self-driving car and other such projects that the company is not yet ready to present to the public.

Source: Ford


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