In five years, sales of AR headsets will grow to 150 times, while sales of VR headsets — seven

IDC analysts decided to predict the development of situation on the market of virtual and augmented reality. According to their data, in 2021 of such devices will be sold worldwide about 100 million units, while last year sales stood at only 10 million.

It is possible to speak about growth on the order of five years. Average annual growth in this period will amount to about 57.7%.

Analysts say that while the basis of this market are available for the gear VR headset, which requires connection of a smartphone. In turn, the device augmented reality have greater potential in the commercial segment. In particular, in the next five years about 80% of all headsets AR will be implemented in the commercial segment. Thus in the long run, it AR technology will most affect the market, including the consumer.

If we consider the sales forecasts and more, you can see that last year in the world was sold about 162 500 headsets AR and more of 9.52 million VR headsets. That is, have a ratio of almost 60:1 in favor of VR headsets. But in 2021, the first to be sold almost 25 million, and the second 67 million, i.e. a ratio of 2.68:1 in the same benefit.



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